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Potted Cactus Whiffer

Potted Cactus Whiffer

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Give your car some scent and personality with this Potted Cactus Whiffer.

*The color chosen is for the pot of the cactus*

  • Lasts 6 weeks or longer
  • Made to order
  • colors may vary slightly

Scent Descriptions:

Leather - new glove, saddle shop, dreamy

Linen and Lace - light and airy cotton mingled with rich amber

Gummy Bears - Bright fruit and lush berries, just like a bag of the candy!

Fresh Laundry - Dryer fresh linens with a hint of spring

Cadillac - warm blanket of earthy woods and creamy shea.
*infused with natural essentail oils: cedarwood, cedar leaf, patchouli
and olibanum